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Games market opportunity and forecast

In line with 2023's economic outlook, Omdia expects the gaming industry to be impacted by the cost-of-living crisis. However, the games market is showing no signs of slowing down with technology innovation expected over the coming year and beyond. 

Omdia analysts unpack the key trends in the game market and the opportunities and challenges you might expect this year in an exclusive e-book

Trends to Watch 2023

With economic uncertainty looming, business leaders are in a challenging position at the start of 2023. Inflationary pressures, global conflicts, and pandemic-related aftershocks still reverberating through the world all contribute to an uneasy landscape to navigate.

Omdia's analysts have compiled an e-book bringing together the challenges and opportunities for the tech industry in 2023. Download your copy to gain the insight you need to connect the dots across the entire tech ecosystem
Trends to Watch 2023
Make the best B2B tech purchases with Omdia Vendor Selection

Where do you start? With new ICT products and services emerging every day, it can seem like a black hole.

Who are the leading sellers? How do their solutions compare? Who could you partner with? To help you make the best-informed technology decisions, we are excited to launch a global portfolio of new vendor selection research and tools.

Upcoming events and webinars

Enterprise Connect

27 - 30 March 2023 | Omdia Event

Presented by the Omdia Enterprise IT Research Team

Enterprise Connect is where the enterprise IT community gathers to exchange knowledge, network with peers and experts, and explore new technologies and strategies for communications and CX. This year’s event features insightful sessions presented by Omdia analysts as well as the Omdia Industry Analyst Summit where seasoned industry analysts will present “Building Better Workplaces & Customer Experiences in Turbulent Times,” a vendor-agnostic deep dive on industry and technology trends in enterprise communications, workplace transformation, collaboration, and customer experience.

Webinar - Embrace eSIM now: learn how eSIM-driven digital business transformation is already generating growth

30 March 2023 | Digital Event

Presented by Omdia | Dario Talmesio, Research Director, Service Provider Strategy & Regulation, Service Provider

eSIM is a blessing in disguise, but only for those ready for its inevitable arrival. Join this webinar to learn how service providers can be ready for this radical change in the market and how to meet the expectations of digitally savy customers.

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