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Omdia Horizons 2023

Omdia Horizons 2023 has launched. Our team surveyed 800 technology suppliers and purchasers across the globe.

The report identifies key inflection points set to manifest over the next few years that will help inform your strategic thinking for a responsible tech future. You can download our e-book to help you understand the new challenges and opportunities in 2023 and beyond.

Cybersecurity: Maximum attention, minimum budget

With digital innovation continuing to thrive and allowing businesses to revolutionize, the cyber-threat landscape is growing with increased momentum. What we are now seeing is that enterprises have not paid the same attention to their cybersecurity infrastructure as their innovation projects.

The recognition that cybersecurity is the biggest challenge for business and IT to address now needs to turn into action for all organizations. Download our e-book to read the latest insights from our analysts.

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Make the best B2B tech purchases with Omdia Vendor Selection

Where do you start? With new ICT products and services emerging every day, it can seem like a black hole.

Who are the leading sellers? How do their solutions compare? Who could you partner with? To help you make the best-informed technology decisions, we are excited to launch a global portfolio of new vendor selection research and tools.

Upcoming events and webinars

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TMRE: The Market Research Event

October 23 - 23, 2023 | Informa Connect Event

Jenalea Howell, Vice President, AI & IoT Markets at Informa Tech | Presenting ‘The generative AI revolution’

Generative AI has dominated boardroom discussions in 2023. Taking a holistic viewpoint of the day and sharing the latest Omdia data and insights, Jenalea will discuss the current generative AI landscape, where we are and what might be to come, considerations for enterprises implementing GAI, the risks, benefits and everything in-between and a wrap up of the AI Summit for Insights and Analytics.   

Webinar - Redefining Wi-Fi in the home: from bottleneck to breakthrough with smarter broadband

10 Oct 2023 | Omdia Digital Event

Presented by Omdia and Nokia | Michael Philpott, Research Director, Service Provider Consumer, Service Provider

Broadband networks are rapidly evolving with multi-gigabit residential services already available in many countries. But hold up, there's a plot twist: speeds need to reach every room and device in the home, not just the front door but the whole house, the backyard, and the garage! If service providers do not extend multi-gigabit speeds throughout the house, the consequences loom large – customer dissatisfaction, followed by more customer service calls and potential churn. So, what do service providers have to address this problem? Well, for one, well defined industry standards are improving speed, coverage, and interoperability. With Wi-Fi 6 - and soon Wi-Fi 7 - becoming available in the market, more advanced Wi-Fi hardware is available, but by itself does not resolve all issues. Service providers also need to upgrade their in-home connectivity software in order to stay ahead of growing competition.

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