Connecting the dots to create a safer tech future for all

New technologies, urbanization and threatening impacts on global supply chains for physical equipment and public safety, have meant it has never been more important to create a safer, more efficient, and interconnected world.

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How can we create a safer tech future for all?

New innovations such as AI, 5G, safe cities and connectivity offer opportunities for organizations that can adapt and lead in the market. As the world’s leading provider of market intelligence to the security industry, Omdia connects the dots across all corners of the Physical Security, Public Safety and Critical Communications ecosystem. We can help you navigate this space through powerful market, technology, and supply chain research, as well as strategy consultancy.

Creating a safer, more efficient, and interconnected world

Despite a significantly slower growth in the physical security equipment industry in 2020 of less than 2%, there are significant opportunities on the horizon. Optimism surrounding new technology developments, coupled with markets opening up and fewer restrictions on travel later in the year as vaccination programs take effect, are all expected to drive worldwide growth of 8% this year. Now is the time to look to the future, optimize growth and seize the new tech opportunities.

Physical Security Technologies 

Omdia’s extensive coverage of the security industry offers you a complete coverage of the electronic security market, with dedicated reports on a variety of areas including video surveillance, security AI, and physical security as a service to drone detection, weapons, and more. The level of detail we dive into is unmatched. Our reports can have as many as 200 data tables that analyze the market by product type, industry sector, country and sales channel.

Public Safety & Critical Communications 

Omdia’s combined market, technology and supply chain analysis and forecasts provide you with data and insights across every operational step of the value chain including: coverage on the full critical communications market and a look to public safety evolution through safe city and new age technology capability.

Omdia provides a full spectrum of data-driven insights and assessment of LMR, LTE, 5G, command & control, safe cities, public safety technologies and body worn cameras. 

What are the latest trends for 2021?

In our new report we reveal the top trends which will shape the Physical Security and Critical Communications industry this year. We dive into areas such as, AI, Video-centric IoT, Body-worn cameras, Smart public safety services, and more.

Omdia Expert Analysis

Paul Bremner, Principal Analyst, OMDIA

“Cloud migration in control rooms continues to gain traction, enabling a broad digital transformation across emergency services and expanding the vendor ecosystem. Vendors must stay abreast of these changes to effectively support end users to build out these next generation public safety services.”

Paul Bremner, Principle Analyst, OMDIA

Thomas Lynch, Executive Director, OMDIA

Safe Cities continue to evolve to be driven not only by physical attributes integrated to provide real world security and safety solutions, but also by AI and the collection of data to make efficient and effective decisions that are made based on patterns and intelligence. In this effort, technology at the edge continues to grow but also the combined infrastructure becomes more complex including ICT and connectivity. OMDIA’s safe cities coverage provides deep expert analysis of how this comes together with the most advance security and public safety research offering across the world.”

Thomas Lynch, Executive Director, Omdia

Ken Rehbehn, Senior Principal Analyst, OMDIA

Nations preparing to shift mission-critical communications from reliable land mobile radio networks, to feature-rich LTE and 5G technology must contend with a complex supplier landscape, changing procurement paradigms, and stakeholder concerns centered around risk management.

Ken Rehbehn, Senior PrincipleAnalyst, Omdia

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