IFA is the main CE show for Europe, with a very wide range of products on show. In recent years it has introduced white goods and these now account easily for a third of the show. Typically, retailers use IFA to decide their stocks for the peak selling season in the run-up to Christmas. Black Friday has appeared in recent years even though Thanksgiving is meaningless in Europe and not observed as a festival or holiday. Buyers from the Middle East and Africa are also present and the show is important for their regions too. Unusually, ordinary people are able to visit for €17.50. Recent years have seen TV products de-emphasised as the business has matured and the market moved to a global timetable. Samsung, LGE and Panasonic now have heavy coverage of home appliances on their booths. 2018 saw the launch by Samsung of its 8K TV range. Products will ship in October 2018 in Europe and North America. With the strong emphasis on OLED, a casual observer would have been surprised to discover that LCD accounts for 96% of TV shipments and 86% of revenues in Western Europe.