Amazon is to enter the home networking equipment market by acquiring Eero, a whole-home Wi-Fi vendor. Eero’s solution consists of a router hub and beacons that can be plugged into a wall outlet to form a mesh network. Unlike most retail Wi-Fi extenders, Eero’s solution is a mesh system with a single service set identifier (SSID). The system also steers the end device to the nearest Eero access point, and identifies which is the most efficient Wi-Fi band, for the end device to achieve optimum Wi-Fi throughput around the home. Eero also offers Eero Plus; an in-home cyber security service for a 99 USD annual subscription. The service also provides managed safe browsing, with the end user able to manage accessible content in the app, anti-virus software, virtual private network (VPN) protection, password management, and ad blocking. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Amazon announced that every Eero employee will be given an offer for continued employment.