Orange recently announced the debut of the Orange TV Stick in Slovakia, allowing the viewing of Orange TV content subscriptions on the TV. The stick is being sold for 59 Euro without the need for a contract, and can also be paid for in monthly installments of 1 Euro. The company first launched its TV stick in 2015 in Romania utilizing the same concept – relying on a mobile device for interface and control, with an HDMI device merely as a streaming conduit to the TV not dissimilar to Google’s Chromecast. Belgium’s Telenet also recently announced its Yugo TV service bundle, launched February 19th at 100 Euros per month. The offer combines a set-top box-less 20-channel TV service, 200 Mbps fixed broadband service with unlimited data, two SIM cards, 20 GB of mobile data, 150 voice minutes, and access to Telenet’s existing Play on-demand TV and movie service. Yugo’s service is based around smartphones, utilizing the casting and mirroring capabilities of Chromecast and Apple TV respectively, when viewing on the TV is required.