The Flash Memory Summit (FMS) in Santa Clara, California, is a conference that focuses on the various flash storage technologies and their adoption in the data center. The 2018 FMS crowd was over 2,000; in 2019, no crowd size was reported, but the crowd was smaller with fewer exhibitors. The FMS conference is still the largest independent storage conference of the year. There were about 14 keynotes and many more educational sessions, as well as an exhibition hall with companies showing off their latest flash chips, devices, interconnects, and even complete storage arrays. Toshiba Memory, Western Digital, SK Hynix, NGD Systems, IBM, Intel, Microchip, Mellanox, ScaleFlux, Marvell, Xilinx, FADU, and InnoGrit provided keynotes. FMS’s focus continues to change with the times—a few years ago it was more of a storage systems conference, but recently it has become the place to show off the latest memory controllers, flash, and storage accelerators built to keep up with the data processing performance demands of AI/ML, data analytics, and high-performance computing. FMS is a great place to find out about new storage connection technologies, the latest in data input/out (IO) chip devices, and how flash memory storage devices are evolving. Clients, please log in to view the full content.