The need for effective communication and collaboration tools in enterprises has never been greater as distributed teams have become pervasive in business today. Enterprises are redesigning their workspaces and deploying solutions that enhance employee productivity and foster agile collaboration, both internally within dispersed teams and externally with customers and partners. Along with personal devices that enhance employee productivity, meeting room technologies and solutions continue to evolve. The latest example of this is the introduction of collaboration displays, which combine the functionalities of a whiteboard, presentation screen, flip chart and video conferencing into a single device. Essentially these are interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs)—displays with a touch-sensitive panel—that have been optimized for team collaboration. IFPDs were first introduced in the education sector to show instructional content in classrooms and lecture halls allowing teachers and students to create, record, and share ideas digitally in a classroom. Now, vendors are offering IFPDs designed for corporate use that can alleviate friction in meeting rooms associated with collaboration between geographically distributed participants by giving them a shared space to visualize projects, annotate images and diagrams, co-create across devices and platforms, share content with multiple users and augment meetings with video conferencing. Clients, please log in to view the full content.