Smartphone ODM market continues to grow, duopoly Wingtech and Huaqin accelerate diversified layout.


In 2019, the global smartphone market shipped 1.38 billion units, down 2.2% year-overyear (YoY). The mature markets such as North America, South America, Western Europe, and China all declined. China’s market though is going through a transition period from 4G to 5G, and the shipments of mid- to high-end 4G smartphone models fell sharply in 2H19. China’s market shipped 361 million smartphones in 2019, a YoY decline of 7.6%. In the early stage of 5G switching, the operator's network coverage was insufficient. Consequently, 5G chipset restrictions led to excessive costs, and expectations of 5G led to short-term consumption suppression. The proportion of 5G smartphone shipments was relatively small while shipments of mid- to high-end 4G models declined sharply.

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  • Handset ODM market review and outlook
  • Global smartphone market continued to decline in 2019
  • In the initial stage of 5G, China will continue to decline
  • Outsourcing strategies of the top 10 OEMs
  • ODM market structure and business model analysis
  • The top five mobile phone ODMs
  • Analysis of the top five ODMs
  • Appendix

Handset ODM Industry White Paper