This report addresses network monitoring in enterprise and service provider networks. We discuss the challenges of monitoring traffic as enterprises shift workloads into public cloud and as mobile operators introduce 5G.

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The packet capture capability of traditional packet broker solutions is table stakes in today’s market. What sets the leading suppliers apart is the ability to aggregate and transform all data-in-motion (from network packets to applications) for better monitoring, especially in hybrid cloud environments. Cloud is more challenging than on-premises. Dealing with multiple cloud providers makes it difficult to identify security threats, performance bottlenecks, and troubleshoot/fix issues. Moreover, enterprises and service providers must contend with an increasingly dangerous threat landscape. Visibility fabrics are foundational to ensuring consistent and pervasive visibility across the entire hybrid environment and need to be considered early into the cloud migration process.

The service provider market has distinct needs from the enterprise market. In general, the scale of the network and the traffic carried is much greater. For mobile operators, the move to 5G presents various monitoring and visibility challenges. 5G traffic monitoring is critical to ensure quality of experience (QoE), reduce mean time to repair, comply with regulatory requirements, and support business initiatives such as churn reduction.