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This report is designed to provide insights into China’s healthcare tech market, covering the latest news about government initiatives, industry dynamics, and macro environment trends.

China’s healthcare IT market: Booming in the wave of reform

The urgent need for the digitalization of healthcare in China

Ten years ago, Ruijin Hospital, a renowned hospital in downtown Shanghai, used to be a place where there was chaos, overcrowdedness, burnt-out doctors, long waiting times, and unhappy patients waiting in corridors. Since then, Ruijin Hospital has been making efforts to digitalize. Now, Ruijin Hospital is quite a different place. The entire patient journey has been streamlined, from appointment scheduling to payment to in-hospital flow to continuity of care across different hospitals. From the perspective of hospital doctors, data is now shared across departments and facilities and can support them in making clinical decisions. This dramatically improves efficiency by reducing repeated exams and tests.

Ruijin Hospital is just one example of the wave of digital transformation sweeping healthcare facilities in China. The Chinese government has implemented a raft of measures to drive the digital transformation of the Chinese health system. These important measures address the following challenges: