Complements the Cloud Native Computing Tracker – 2022. Aims to help enterprises identify the key segments of cloud native computing, the vendors that are supplying products, and the products that are earning the highest revenue.



The cloud native computing (CNC) market has grown significantly since the first KubeCon. Back in 2016, this conference was attended predominantly by maintainers of Kubernetes and its ecosystem of open source projects and startups. Today, CNC is the technology of choice for startups and new product and service launches that need internet scale, feature flexibility, and resilience. Many enterprises are also re-architecting their legacy monolithic applications with cloud native architecture to port them to the cloud and make optimum use of that environment.

Omdia’s Cloud Native Computing Tracker Analysis complements the first edition of the Cloud Native Computing Tracker from 2022. With this report, we seek to answer the following questions: Which products make up the CNC market, and which parts of the market should be tracked? In other words, where are enterprises spending the most to fulfill their CNC requirements?