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This report provides insights into China’s healthcare tech market, delving into the latest news about government initiatives, industry dynamics, and macro environment trends.

Government investments boost China’s medical device market amid the COVID-19 pandemic

It has been 12 years since China’s health system reforms began. Some moves have greatly changed the landscape of the healthcare sector. Going into 2022, the Chinese government continues to invest in its health systems.

Government loans of CNY200bn (USD29bn) are encouraging hospitals to upgrade their medical equipment

In September 2022, the State Council (the executive body of China’s highest state authority) announced a loan incentive policy of CNY1.70tn (USD246.40bn) as part of its economic stimulus package. The package is designed to upgrade and renovate equipment in public buildings, universities, and medical facilities. Around CNY200bn (USD29bn) of the total package was earmarked for medical facilities.