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This report provides a trend analysis and insights into China’s healthcare tech market, delving into the latest government initiatives, industry dynamics, and macro environment.

China’s post-pandemic medtech market: A mix of upsides and downsides

China’s COVID-19 policy went through some extraordinary developments in 2022. In December, the Chinese government made a U-turn by abandoning its Zero-COVID policy and the related restrictions that had been in place for more than two years since the pandemic outbreak. Instantly, COVID-19 infections surged, and COVID-19 patients overwhelmed China’s health systems. Per China’s Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the tsunami of COVID-19 infections in China peaked in late December 2022, with 80% of the country’s population infected by mid-January. China is joining other countries in the post-pandemic era.

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic receding, the Chinese government is quickly shifting its priority to economic recovery. The following are Omdia’s highlights regarding the mix of upsides and downsides in China’s post-pandemic medtech market outlook.