Ron Ellwanger

Senior Research Analyst

Ron Ellwanger focuses his research within the global semiconductor industry. This entails researching all major fabless, pure play foundry, and integrated device manufacturer (IDM) semiconductor companies. The research is used in numerous Omdia quarterly semiconductor manufacturing publications. 

Ron also manages the Competitive Landscaping Tool, a flagship product that encompasses all major semiconductor manufacturers. Its extensive data base contains over 19 years of revenue detailing markets, applications, and devices. Prior to joining the company in 2014, Ron held numerous strategic positions at a major global semiconductor company for 30 years. He also gained extensive experience in finance, account management, supply chain, and long-range strategic planning during his employment with Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor. Ron earned his Bachelor of Science in finance from the accredited School of Business at Northern Illinois University.


Pure Play Foundry Market Tracker – 3Q20 Database

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CLT Trax, Regional – 3Q20

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Competitive Landscaping Tool CLT Regional – 3Q20

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CLT Mergers and Acquisitions Regional – 3Q20

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CLT Definitions Regional – 3Q20

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