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AI Top Trends 2021

2021 is set to be an exciting year for the world of AI. The market is continuing to mature, and this year will be no different.

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What trends will impact the AI landscape in 2021?

As the AI market continues to grow throughout 2021, we predict there will be some key trends that will have a significant impact this year. Organizations will be looking at how they can gain competitive advantages through leveraging quantum computing to move beyond the limitations that traditional architecture presents; and increasing investment in AI-driven automation. Whilst also ensuring they converge Subject Matter Experts with Data Scientists and Engineers in various levels of the process.

Meanwhile, to move the market forward successfully, Omdia predicts there will some key areas that will need to be addressed across the next 12 months. Such as the industry wide standardization of AI measurement and success; implementing standardized regulation and governance; and a greater drive to improve diversity within the sector.

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Discover the AI Top Trends in 2021

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