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IoT Services and Platforms Intelligence Services
IoT Services & Platforms Intelligence Service
Look ahead with expert insights into regional dynamics, service provider strategies and growth opportunities. We provide invaluable research, forecasts, surveys, and analysis on services driving IoT, so you know which platform vendors are positioned to succeed.
IoT Devices and Components Intelligence Service
IoT Devices & Components Intelligence Service
Discover which verticals are seeing the greatest growth in IoT. With this service, Omdia helps you identify the key drivers and challenges in smart home, industrial IoT, smart utility, and smart cities.
IoT Connecting the Billions report
IoT Report: Connecting billions of dollars, devices and decisions
In the fourth edition of our IoT report, we bring you analysis of diverse areas extending from modules and chipsets, to 5G, to AI and cybersecurity, and from automotive to industrial and consumer markets.

Discover Enterprise insights towards IoT in our new survey

The latest edition of our annual IoT survey analyses responses from 365 global enterprises across seven countries who are deploying or in the process of rolling out IoT solutions. The research examines:

  • Strategy, drivers and challenges
  • Deployment, spend, and applications
  • Supplier and technology preferences
  • Vertical trends 

Get a snapshot of some of the stats with our infographic or complete the form to find out more about the full report!

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Only 29 percent of organizations with more than 50 employees have deployed any IoT solutions. The IoT market must now progress to the next phase: scaling up through the wider commercialization of simple propositions such as asset tracking, alongside development of more complex solutions that will entail the use of complementary technologies, including 5G, AI, IoT, and cloud and edge computing.

Unlock the richest collection of syndicated IoT data and analysis available

From January 2019 to June 2020, Omdia delivered:

  • 130+ analyst insights and opinion pieces on the latest IoT market developments

  • Over 100 market trackers and forecasts providing hundreds of thousands of unique market data points

  • More than 175 reports and case studies covering topics ranging from vertical market adoption, technology trends, and strategies of key ecosystem players

Omdia’s IoT portfolio brings together nearly 500,000 data points covering multiple aspects of the market. Behind each datapoint is a story which our analysts use to provide insight on the latest business and technology trends and how these will impact the market.


Beyond insight, we provide advice. By studying trends and the strategies of market players, we can provide actionable advice and let you uncover opportunities to create a unique value proposition.

If you are interested in a more bespoke solution, we can help with our Consulting offerings! Read one of our IoT consulting case studies to find out just one of the ways we were able to help.

Omdia Expert Analysis

The complexity of IoT application development remains a key challenge for stakeholders. While at the same time, increasing efforts are underway to enable the exposure, discovery, exchange, and when applicable, monetization of IoT data between companies and organizations. Such data exchange represents a key new evolutionary step.”

Sam Lucero, Chief Analyst, IoT, Omdia

"Through convergence with other transformative technologies including AI and 5G, the number and sophistication of IoT applications are set to grow immensely in coming years. Therefore, despite being around for decades, we are still very much in its early days and expect the technology’s impact in altering how a diverse group of industries operate, will grow in the years ahead.”


Josh Builta, Research Lead, AI & IoT, Omdia



“It’s very exciting to see connectivity unlocking captive value in so many applications where data was previously isolated and not economical to reach. In IoT, enterprises have found the tools they need to improve business processes, add revenue streams, and reduce operating costs.”

Lee Ratliff, Senior Principle Analyst, IoT Connectivity, Omdia

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