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Artificial Intelligence

With AI adoption, development and governance moving at a rapid pace, accessing the right research and data is more essential than ever. Providing the richest market-critical data, analysis, advice and custom consulting, Omdia cuts through the noise and provides actionable insights.

Artificial Intelligence on Omdia

Featured Solutions and Reports

omdia GAI ebook
Generative AI in the Enterprise
This eBook addresses some of the key questions surrounding Generative AI in the Enterprise today, such as the key barriers to adoption as well as top recommendations and use cases.
AI Viewpoint Service
Giving you a bird’s eye view of the AI Ecosystem, this new service provides a broad yet insightful view of the market to ensure you stay informed and achieve ROI from your investments.
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Omdia brings you an unparalleled, holistic view into the world of artificial intelligence. Discover the impact of AI across industries and applications from processors and software to practical deployments. Assess your readiness and know your markets.

Navigate the complexities

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Whether you are looking to learn more about AI use cases, compare next-gen computing platforms, or understand services for AI enterprise deployment, maintenance, and training, Omdia has the research you need.

Turn to Omdia for an unparalleled, holistic view into the world of artificial intelligence. Our AI research portfolio extends from processors and software to practical deployments across industries and applications – from smart homes to smart networks. We track data on 300+ use cases across 20+ vertical markets.

How are enterprises operationalizing AI?

Explore the AI KPIs 2022: Best Practices Snapshot

The  AI Enterprise Insights Intelligence Service from Omdia enables you to:

  • Examine enterprise adoption of AI and the opportunities this presents for vendors

  • Understand market dynamics, particularly of enterprise buyers of AI

  • Build best practices
  • Optimize product positioning
  • Prospect new markets and verticals
  • Monitor AI business performance metrics

Learn about the strategies and structures enterprises are using to address AI KPIs in our new AI KPIs: Best Practices Snapshot. Talk to our team for more information about our market-leading AI research services, including the Enterprise AI Insights Intelligence Service, which examines enterprise adoption of AI and the opportunities this presents for vendors.

Only with Omdia

Immerse In Data
Arm your product teams with granular data as they plan and implement AI, robotics and advanced computing.

Discover Trends
Discover the breadth and future trajectory of AI use cases being applied today, and see where the upcoming areas are including robotics and quantum computing.

Shape Strategies
Shape and optimize your go-to-market strategy and product investments, staying one step ahead of the competition.

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Read one of our AI consulting case studies to find out just one of the ways we were able to help.

Meet Omdia's Expert Analysts

"On the most fundamental level, responsible AI starts with integrity, awareness, responsibility and accountability for the decisions we make as AI practitioners and industry captains – every single day, one dollar at a time. We can wait for governments to hand us the rules, or we can start making the right choices today. Together, they create the future – for us, for our children, and for generations to come. We need to proceed responsibly.”

Natalia Modjeska, Research Director, AI and Intelligent Automation

Bradley Shimmin, AI Chief Analyst, Omdia

“Navigating the complex enterprise AI landscape is as much about identifying the opportunities and gaps in software platforms and services the across the vertical and horizontal stacks, as it is in understanding the applications and use cases that make up the AI opportunity.”

Bradley Shimmin,  Chief Analyst, AI

Mark Beccue, AI Principal Analyst, Omdia

“For enterprises to succeed with AI they need to address the gap between the technology and the business outcomes, which boils down to having the right tools to measure, track and evaluate AI as it gets operationalized.”

Mark Beccue, Principal Analyst, AI 

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