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AI Readiness Barometer

Dive into a snapshot of global AI readiness. A quarterly analysis based on Omdia's AI readiness assessment and benchmarking tool, helping companies analyze the market and understand their position in relation to peers.

AI Readiness

Omdia's AI Business Toolkit is a suite of tools, reports, and data designed to help businesses overcome planning, organizational, and operational challenges in implementing AI.

A key component of the service is an online assessment and benchmarking tool that helps companies understand their AI readiness in relation to peers. Take the assessment here.

The Omdia AI Readiness Barometer is a quarterly readout and analysis of selected key data points which create a snapshot of global AI readiness. 

View a selection of the insights below, and discover more in-depth insights in the full report.

The AI readiness model is based on four functional areas that form the critical foundations for an AI-driven enterprise: strategy, organization, technology-operations, and data.

Each area contains a detailed set of criteria and associated questions designed to assess AI maturity.

  • Strategy identifies the state and nature of an enterprise’s plan of action and roadmap to support AI.
  • Organization examines how culturally and organizationally ready an enterprise is to support AI and harness it for business transformation.
  • Technology-Operations explores the different AI technologies and capabilities being leveraged by the enterprise, and how the enterprise is implementing AI solutions across core operational elements.
  • Data assesses the state and availability of an enterprise's data assets and its analytics capabilities, which are crucial for successful AI deployment.
Key Takeaways
  • The majority of benchmarked companies currently fall into the AI Competent stage.
  • 54% of benchmarked companies do not have AI success metrics in place.
  • Only 29% of benchmarked companies have AI championed at the highest level (board, senior management).
  • Only 11% of benchmarked companies have dedicated and experienced AI staff.
  • Of regions tracked, no region is currently significantly outperforming another. There is insufficient data to assess Latin America, Middle East and Africa.
  • Larger companies ($1b+ revenues) are currently significantly more AI Ready than companies with less than $1bn revenues.
  • Technology companies are currently more AI Competent than other tracked industries at this time.
    • All other industries tracked are currently progressing in AI Readiness at relatively the same pace.
Industry View

Omdia - AI Readiness Industry View

Measured by the percent of benchmarked companies in the two most advanced AI Readiness stages (AI Proficient, AI Advanced), IT companies are significantly more advanced than any other industry vertical.
Company Revenue View

Omdia - AI Readiness Company Revenue

Larger companies ($1b+ revenues) are significantly more AI Ready than companies with less than $1bn revenues. 48% of benchmarked companies with $1bn revenues have achieved the AI Proficient stage, while 36% of $50m-$1bn and 20% of less than $ 50m companies have achieved such status, a delta of 12 and 28 percentage points respectively.
Unlock the in-depth insights in the full report
This is just the start of the breadth of insights and data we have available from the AI Readiness Barometer. Download the full report here to find out more about what these findings mean for the industry, access some in-depth analysis on the data and gain actionable insights.
AI Readiness Barometer Front Cover

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