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iPhone 11 the world’s most shipped smartphone in 2020 – shipping 64m devices

27 February 2021

Apple store with poster launching iPhone 11 in New York
iPhone 11 the world’s most shipped smartphone in 2020 – shipping 64m devices

LONDON 27 February, 2021 — The iPhone 11 was the world’s most shipped smartphone in 2020. Shipping 64.8million devices in 2020 according to Omdia’s latest Smartphone Model Market Tracker. The iPhone 11 shipped over 18 million more devices than the 2019’s most shipped smartphone the iPhone XR.


One of the key drivers for the for the success of the iPhone 11 was the lower average selling price ($754) compared to the $777 of the iPhone XR and the dual-lens camera which wasn’t available on the XR.


Apple's iPhone also took second place with the newly launched iPhone SE. The second generation of iPhone SE came with bigger shipments in its launch year. The first iPhone SE recorded 21.1 million units with an ASP of $454 in 2016. The ASP of iPhone SE (2020) is $451, the lowest price among iPhone models in the global top 10 list.


The ASP of iPhone 12, which ranked third, was $896, with shipments of 23.3 million units. While shipments of iPhone 12 in 2020 was smaller than its predecessor in 2019, the ASP increased by $130. Three out of four iPhone 12 models which launched last year, made the top 10 despite reaching customers a month later than previous iPhone generations.


global top 10 most shipped smartphones

Samsung, which was ranked from 3rd to 5th in 2019, lowered its ranking to 4th through 6th last year. Samsung's popular models, the Galaxy A51, A21s, and A01 models, recorded a slight decrease in shipments compared to the previous year. In particular, the Galaxy A51 and A21 were found to have successfully replaced the previous models, the Galaxy A50 and A20. The ASP of Samsung smartphones in the top 10 is around $184.


Like 2019, Apple and Samsung account for five and four models in top 10 in 2020 respectively. Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 Pro rounds out the top 10. The Redmi Note 9 Pro is lower in ranking and shipments compared to the Redmi Note 7, which ranked 8th in 2019. Xiaomi is the biggest smartphone OEM in India. Leveraging the market dominance, Xiaomi has been increasingly strengthening sales of high value-added products.


Jusy Hong, Senior Research Manager Wireless Devices Components & Devices at Omdia commented:The top 10 list illustrates Apple’s tight grip on the overall smartphone market and the strength of its brand compared to all other smartphone OEMs. The list also illustrates that other OEMs, even a globally well positioned brand like Samsung, have trouble breaking through to consumers with their own premium devices – no Galaxy S or Note-line model made it into the top 10.


 “The only other OEM with a real shot at challenging Apple’s position as the top premium smartphone OEM, Huawei, will see its role in the international smartphone market continue to decrease. Other brands, like Xiaomi, vivo and OPPO have other product portfolio priorities than challenging Apple in the premium segment at this point.”




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