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Cloud & Colocation Data Center Building Tracker – 1H21 Analysis

This analysis covers data center buildings for top cloud and colocation service providers and includes data center locations, size in square feet, critical load in kilowatts, new data center capacity construction plans, and industry trends.

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2021 Trends to Watch: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is moving to a hybrid cloud model as the most preferred approach among enterprise customers, driven by the rise in cloud-native technologies. Edge clouds represent an evolving area that organizations must monitor.

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Cloud & Colocation Services for IT Infrastructure and Applications Tracker – 2H20 Data Update

Provides in-depth analysis of top cloud and colocation service providers. Includes worldwide and regional revenue market size, share, five-year forecast analysis, and trends for IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and colocation with interconnection.

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Cloud & Colocation Data Center Building Tracker - Update H1 2020

This report provides insight on data center ownership, data center physical infrastructure operator, IT infrastructure operator, capacity size in square feet and critical load, including future new construction and expansions.

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