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Omdia Universe: Selecting a Digital Experience Management Solution, 2020–21

This Omdia Universe will help the CMO, CIO, and business managers select the DXM platform that provides the capabilities they require and that helps to achieve digital transformation strategies.

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Reinventing the Fundamentals of IT

COVID-19 allows CIOs to revisit many of the fundamentals that have frustrated them for years and to drive changes in the role the IT function plays and in the way the IT department works.

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Omdia Universe: Selecting a Hybrid and Multicloud Management Solution, 2020–21

This technology comparison report provides a side-by-side comparison and evaluation of leading hybrid and multicloud management solutions, with the findings delivered as the Omdia Universe. It considers the significance of management in a hybrid and multicloud world and the way in which it influences how the technology is deployed, used, and controlled.

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2021 Trends to Watch: Emerging Technology Services

Enterprises are looking at services that combine emerging technologies such as 5G, AI/ML, data/analytics, and IoT to improve security, enable new ways of working, enhance experiences, and enhance cost savings and innovation.

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