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2021 Trends to Watch: IT Ecosystems and Operations

Assesses the key trends that will affect IT decision makers and CIOs in 2021, including edge computing, AIOps, and business resiliency. Demand for these and similar capabilities has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2021 Trends to Watch: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is moving to a hybrid cloud model as the most preferred approach among enterprise customers, driven by the rise in cloud-native technologies. Edge clouds represent an evolving area that organizations must monitor.

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Data Center Technologies Report - 2020 Trends to Watch

Discusses the rise of cloud computing and strategies of effectively creating a hybrid IT environment with the data center.

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Quantum Computing Report - 2020 Trends to Watch

Provides worldwide and regional market forecasts through 2025, as well as insight into future applications, with leading vendors such as Google and IBM playing key roles. Use cases are evolving quickly.

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The Analyst Team
Roy Illsley

Chief Analyst, IT Ecosystem & Operations

Roy Illsley