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Microwave Network Equipment Spreadsheet – 1Q22 (Share Only)

Tracks microwave networking equipment, including five-year forecast and market share. Market size segmented by application (access, backhaul, fronthaul, and transport), capacity, spectrum, form factor, architecture, and line of sight.

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Microwave Network Equipment Spreadsheet – 2Q21 (Share Only)

The microwave equipment market share spreadsheet shows quarterly vendor results by segment and region.

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Omdia Research Schedule – 2023

This schedule details Omdias planned research offerings over 2023. It can be filtered by research pillar, service area, product, and publication quarter. Subject to change based on industry or other developments. Updated January 2023.

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Answers to top questions about network slicing charging

Despite the advancements in network slicing, telco industry ecosystem players, including CSPs and vendors, seem unsuccessful in reaching some agreed and convincing techno-economic and pricing models for end-to-end network slicing.

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A Market and Technology Analysis of the 5G Transport Network Slicing Journey

This report provides an overall market and technology analysis of the importance of “transport network slicing,” with the aim to shed light on the working symmetry of CSPs, vendors, and enterprise verticals’ own 5G networks.

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Ian Redpath

Research Director, Transport Networks and Components

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