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Omdia, previously Ovum, is a technology research powerhouse for communications service providers, vendors, regulators, consultants and enterprises that take full advantage of market intelligence to guide growth and profitability. 

Get expert analysis and data in 5G monetization, telco digital transformation, communication networks, consumer and enterprise services, market and competitive data - all in one place. 


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Accurate, independent, reliable data that drive decisions

As a strategist, your time is more desirably spent on analyzing trends and identifying opportunities across your markets. Omdia delivers substantiated data so you can focus on creating strategic roadmaps for success.  

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Actionable insights that enable growth
By service provider and networking experts

We research and speak with service provider and technology business executives and key decision-makers. We analyze the industry from various angles to provide the actionable insights you require to focus on investing for growth.

Omdia in Focus – ATxSG 2022

The signs of digital adoption are increasingly ubiquitous across Asia Pacific. In this report, we’ve gathered insight from our team of highly experienced specialists to share current trends and forecasts for the APAC region.

The Year Ahead: 5G mobile subscriptions to pass one billion mark in 2022
Omdia forecasts that 5G mobile subscriptions worldwide will pass the one billion mark during 2022, to reach 1.27 billion at year end.
Omdia’s innovative service of the month: T-Mobile’s 5G innovation strategy
Omdia’s selection for innovation of the month is a collection of initiatives launched by T-Mobile USA to kickstart its 5G services ecosystem.

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Colin Evans, Senior Director - Business Development, Juniper Networks - Service Provider

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Jordi Lopez Duran, Knowledge Services | Senior Research Analyst, Oliver Wyman

How Omdia helps you grow

We help you connect the dots so you stay focused on building strategies and achieving your objectives.

Extensive Coverage to Reach Your Growth Markets

Wide and deep coverage of the telecommunications industry to where you do business today and where you plan to grow. Timely and extensive intelligence from market and company research, to market share and contracts data, strategies and regulations, communication networks, consumer and enterprise services, and key topics such as 5G, private networks, open RAN, broadband fiber, and so on.

Insights and Recommendations from the Largest Group of Service Provider Focused Analysts

Benefit from analysis by the largest group of communications and networking topic experts in the industry and leverage their recommendations for communications service providers, technology vendors, regulators, and management consultants for growth and success.

The Broadest and Deepest Source of Data on Service Providers and Their Markets

Comprehensive and granular data on 3,000 service providers in 200 countries across the world, with some historical data going back to the 1980's, providing you with unparalleled insights that support your strategic decisions. 

Holistic View of the Market

We deliver an understanding of the entire ecosystem, from consumers to enterprises, service providers, vendors and governments to technologies, that provides both industry big picture views as well as detailed analysis for identifying future trends and opportunities.

Advisory and Analyst Access

Our seniority and experience make us trusted advisors. Additionally, we provide access to analysts through the Ask-An-Analyst service, where you can speak with experts to either clarify research reports or methodology or have your most pressing questions answered.


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