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Music & Copyright Newsletter

Last Updated: 28 Jun 2022

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Weighing the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on media and entertainment

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What’s left for M&E after Big Tech

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Streaming sales are continuing to grow, but artists aren’t happy about their cut

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Music & Copyright July 12, 2022

Issue number 692 of the Music & Copyright newsletter.

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Paying Music Subscriptions and Revenue Forecast: 2022–26

Assessment of the on-demand music subscription sector by region and country.

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Paying Music Subscriptions By Company: 2018–21

Music subscribers by company in the worlds 20 biggest markets.

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Podcast Market Forecast: 2021–26

This forecast sizes the market potential for podcasts. It provides the total number of monthly listeners and podcast advertising revenues for each market spanning the period from 2017 to 2026, across four regions, eight subregions, and 20 countries.

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Major Record Company Factsheets, 1Q22

The major record company factsheets are a collection of financial and operating data published by the three major label groups.

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Recorded-Music Retail Sales Forecast Report: 2021–26

Report detailing the findings of the recently published recorded-music retail forecasts over the next five years.

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The Analyst Team
Simon Dyson

Senior Principal Analyst, Music and Digital Audio

Simon Dyson
Georgina Howes

Principal Consultant

Georgina Howes