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Cem Nurkan

Research Director, Enterprise IT

Cem Nurkan leads a global team of enterprise technology analysts focusing on creating high-quality syndicated research, as well as developing and maintaining relationships with all players in the Enterprise IT ecosystem.

He has a wealth of experience accumulated over the last 25 years with tech companies, service providers, and research organizations.

Cem is an expert in developing strategic business relationships, particularly with industry suppliers, distributors, and customers. Previously, he headed up Nurkan Consulting and provided strategic advice to investment banks and equity funds on asset heavy tech investments, such as subsea cable systems and base station refreshes as well as offering procurement and technology advice to enterprises.

Cem has also held the position of head of carrier, Benelux, at China Telecom Europe where he built and expanded on strategic Tier 1 and 2 carrier relationships and established the Benelux region as a new focus area. Prior to this, Cem spent time working at Gartner, specialising in offering strategic advice to help Nordic tech companies with their technology, clients, and the competitive marketplace. Nurkan began his career working for well-established tech brands IBM, Cisco, and Dell.

Cem serves as an Advisory Board member to two technology companies.

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