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Chee-Seng Tan

Senior Research Analyst

As part of the semiconductor components research team, Chee-Seng Tan covers the LED and optoelectronic sector, specializing in packaged LEDs supply and demand, non-visible LEDs and optoelectronic components market research.

His main research interests are in visible packaged LEDs market sizing and forecast across different end applications; supplier rankings and shares; and MOCVD, wafer and die capacity sizing and forecast. Chee-Seng also provides analysis of the global market for optocouplers, photo relays, non-optical isolators, infrared components, optical switches, LED displays, and ultraviolet LEDs.

Prior to this role, Chee-Seng was responsible for the research in OEM semiconductor spending at Omdia, formerly IHS Markit, since 2014. He has authored over 50 reports and articles on global OEM semiconductor demand.

Chee-Seng holds a Master of Science degree in microelectronics engineering from Liverpool John Moores University.


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