Makoto Ferguson

Senior Research Analyst

As part of Omdia’s memory and storage team, Makoto is responsible for providing research, analysis, and forecasting of DRAM and NAND memory for mobile and embedded applications, as well as providing coverage of the NOR flash market. Makoto’s main research focus is on memory in smartphones.

Makoto was a senior data analyst on the forecasting and data analysis team for over six years, where she managed, built, and launched products including smartphone, mobile PC (notebook and tablet), and desktop monitor models. Prior to joining Omdia (formerly IHS Markit) in 2014, Makoto spent eight years at Sony Electronics working in product marketing for digital camera and TV products. At Sony, she also covered market trends for point-of-sale data and gained experience in supply chain and sales strategic/promotional planning.

Makoto holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and commerce from Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan. She is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and English.