Manoj Sukumaran

Senior Analyst

Manoj Sukumaran covers data-center compute trends, such as the transition to Ethernet adapters with CPU offload capabilities, edge computing, composable infrastructure, and the adoption of open-compute hardware. He has more than 15 years of diverse experience in engineering services and financial services, as well as in primary and secondary research. 

Earlier, Manoj was the founder and Director at QWave India, a hardware engineering services company that specializes in designing data-center hardware for clients such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Flextronics. His team delivered the first three open-compute project switch designs, kicking off the bare metal switching revolution. His team also worked on the architecture and design of Open19’s first switch and server designs. Prior to QWave, Manoj worked in diverse industries such as financial services, consulting, and media. Manoj holds two bachelor’s degrees—one in physics and another in information technology; an MBA from India’s Mahatma Gandhi University.