Artificial Intelligence

Between now and 2025, global AI software revenues are set to multiply by 12-fold to reach $126 billion. With early adopters of Enterprise AI showing ROI and soaring confidence. This year, the AI market will move from ‘early adopters’, to ‘fast followers’ who are poised to drive AI growth.

Navigate the complexities

Whether you are looking to learn more about AI use cases, compare next-gen computing platforms, or understand services for AI enterprise deployment, maintenance, and training, Omdia has the research you need. We can help you put AI to work for your business and explore market possibilities elsewhere.

Turn to Omdia for an unparalleled, holistic view into the world of artificial intelligence. Our AI research portfolio extends from processors and software to practical deployments across industries and applications – from smart homes to smart networks. We track data on 300+ use cases across 20+ vertical markets.

AI Business Toolkit

Understand your organization’s level of AI readiness and successfully operationalize AI with Omdia's AI Business ToolkitThe toolkit enables you to track the market, score your AI readiness and close any gaps to ensure your organization is AI-ready!

The new AI Business Toolkit Intelligence Service from Omdia enables you to:

  • Measure your AI readiness

  • Benchmark your organization vs. competitors and industry peers
  • Evaluate and compare vendor solutions
  • Identify and monitor metrics to measure AI value
  • Build best practices
  • Understand market dynamics

Forming a core part of the service is our AI Readiness Tool, designed to help businesses overcome planning, organizational, and operational challenges in implementing AI. The tool contains four bespoke dashboards for users to explore their scores and compare it to their peers by maturity level, industry, company size, and geographic region.

Only with Omdia

  • Understand the taxonomy and breadth of AI use cases being applied today and their future trajectory.

  • Learn about new and upcoming areas of robotics that extend beyond traditional industrial robots.

  • Expand your view of the underlying technologies that are driving the future of computing.

  • Identify the core priorities of applying AI within your products, services and overall strategy.

  • Arm your strategy and product teams with granular data as they plan and implement AI, robotics and advanced computing.

  • Stay ahead of the market as technologies and capabilities rapidly shift from academic settings into commercial deployments.

Featured Solutions and Reports

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AI 2021 Top Trends

Position yourself on the front foot with our new 2021 AI trends report. From the changing labour market, leadership of ethics and governance, to defining AI's success and ensuring competitiveness and readiness, in this report, we dive into the top 8 trends we predict will dominate in 2021.

AI at the Edge - 5 factors - Omdia report
AI at the Edge
This report identifies five factors that will shape the AI-at-the-edge opportunity in the coming years. Find out how edge AI will impact consumer devices, healthcare, manufacturing, smart buildings, utilities, and video surveillance markets now through 2021 and beyond.
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Omdia brings you an unparalleled, holistic view into the world of artificial intelligence. Discover the impact of AI across industries and applications from processors and software to practical deployments. Assess your readiness and know your markets.

Ensure AI delivers on business outcomes

Mark Beccue, AI Principal Analyst, Omdia

“For enterprises to succeed with AI they need to address the gap between the technology and the business outcomes, which boils down to having the right tools to measure, track and evaluate AI as it gets operationalized.”

Mark Beccue, Principal Analyst, AI 

Bradley Shimmin, AI Chief Analyst, Omdia

“Navigating the complex enterprise AI landscape is as much about identifying the opportunities and gaps in software platforms and services the across the vertical and horizontal stacks, as it is in understanding the applications and use cases that make up the AI opportunity.”

Bradley Shimmin,  Chief Analyst, AI

Aditya Kaul, AI Research Director, Omdia

“Unlike the 1970s when the PC compute stack was emerging, we are now entering a multimodal future where multiple compute techniques will emerge simultaneously.”

Aditya Kaul, Research Director, AI


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