Charlotte Palfrey

Senior Analyst, Advanced Messaging and Communications

Charlotte Palfrey works in the advanced messaging and communications team covering telco messaging, OTT messaging, and social media. She has a specific interest in consumer messaging, business messaging, and revenue generation strategies for social platforms.

Her core research focuses on RCS and social platforms. She also produces forecasts for RCS usage and revenue, OTT messaging revenues, and social platform revenues. Additionally, she co-authors Omdia’s Location Platform Index.

Prior to joining the advanced messaging and communications team, Charlotte worked within the digital media team and provided analysis on digital publishing, video gaming, ad blocking, content distribution platforms, and children's media.

She joined Omdia (formerly Ovum) in 2012 having previously worked as an analyst for Juniper research covering mobile content and applications.

Charlotte holds a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Warwick.