Daniel Gleeson

Principal Analyst, Addressable Consumer Devices

Daniel is a recognized expert in the consumer devices sector, as well as a sought-after commentator on topics such as AI. Daniel’s research is focused on helping clients understand what devices are in use and how consumers are using those devices.

Daniel, who joined Omdia (formerly Ovum) in 2016, provides insights into current market trends for Omdia clients, focusing on consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, TV devices, and smart speakers. He analyzes these with a broad strategic lens and helps identify the various strengths and weaknesses of different platforms, as well as pinpointing potentially underserved markets for new devices and content services. Prior to joining Omdia, Daniel worked for six years with IHS Markit, covering smartphone and mobile technologies. He holds a master’s degree in telecommunications and business from UCL, where he won a prize for the best dissertation.