Dinesh Kithany

Lead Industry Analyst, Wireless Power and Power Supply

As part of Omdia’s smart building and energy infrastructure team, Dinesh leads the wireless power and power supply research since 2018. Dinesh has 25 years of experience in delivering research and insights across technology and other sectors such as fast-moving consumer goods, consumer durables, media, advertising, retail, and telecom. 

He examines various technologies and their adoptions across applications, such as mobiles, wearables, smart home, consumer electronics, automotive (including electric vehicles), industrial, medical, lighting, telecom, hospitality, and infrastructure sectors. He assesses the size of the market and the opportunity and provides strategic insights to companies across the supply chain.

Dinesh also has led research on the smart home and connected appliances, robotics, and wired interface technology markets. Prior to joining Omdia in 2012, Dinesh worked with global research and advertising agencies.

He is a regular speaker at trade shows and conferences. He is a commerce graduate, with an MBA, specializing in marketing.