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Ed Ludlow

Senior Data Analyst, Media and Entertainment

As part of OMDIA’s digital content and channels service, Ed uses programing and automation to monitor the evolving television and online video broadcasting landscape. Ed also supports OMDIA’s cinema and movies, advertising, and sports services. Ed is a specialist in the video on demand sector, having previously worked as part of Netflix’s UK publicity arm on retainer before joining OMDIA in 2021. He came with an in-depth knowledge of UK film distribution, which he had acquired through developing his own website, an online data-visualization dashboard for UK cinema. His work at OMDIA involves creating Excel and Power BI deliverables with R and SQL; using Python to build web-scraping robots; and writing reports about channel revenue streams and TV, film, and video production and distribution. He is fluent in three languages and graduated from The University of Leeds in 2018.


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