Matthias Machowinski

Practice Leader, Workspace Services

A leading expert on enterprise networking and communications technologies, Matthias Machowinski has 14 years of experience as an analyst in the telecom and datacom industry. He specializes in data and communication technologies deployed by small/medium businesses (SMBs), enterprises, and public sector organizations. 

His areas of focus include emerging network-use cases, network technologies, architecture adoption rates, wired and wireless convergence, the effects of downtime, and end-user spending trends. He is the author of numerous market share and forecast reports, studies, and opinion pieces on enterprise routers, Ethernet switches, wireless LAN equipment, and video conferencing equipment.

He is also the lead author of the Enterprise Networking and Communication Equipment Vendor Scorecard, the only report of its kind to utilize a data-driven model that incorporates vendor performance and direct buyer feedback to determine vendor position in the marketplace.