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Moises Levy

Senior Principal Analyst, Data Center Physical Infrastructure

Moises Levy, PhD, leads the data center physical infrastructure, thermal management, and sustainability research practice. A seasoned engineer and data center subject matter expert, Moises capitalizes on his knowledge to analyze relevant market data and produce reports that add value for Omdia’s clients.

Moises has over 25 years of professional experience, with a diverse background in planning, design, management, risk assessment, commissioning, audits, and strategic consulting for engineering projects. He has founded and managed engineering firms, with more than 15 years dedicated to data center infrastructure projects. He has led engineering projects across the IT, financial, healthcare, food and beverage, oil and gas, shopping mall, and hospitality industries.

He holds a PhD and master’s degree in electrical engineering, and bachelor’s degrees in electrical and civil engineering. He is a researcher, a contributor to standards and best practices, an author of numerous publications, and a speaker at major data center conferences.


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