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Ask an Analyst

When you partner with Omdia, you gain access to our highly rated Ask an Analyst service. This connects you with our experts across the world who can answer your questions.

Whether you need advice on market trend, information on our methodologies, or assistance understanding a data point, our analysts are here to help.

Omdia’s Ask an Analyst enables you to connect with our analysts to explore your research and data in more detail.

Examples of popular questions:

  • Could we schedule a call to discuss the latest market and competitor trends?
  • Can the analyst share further insights into the forecast scenarios?
  • Could we arrange a time to discuss the latest Cybersecurity trends?
  • How do I access customer solutions?

This service is monitored and supported throughout Omdia's UK office hours, Monday to Friday 08:00 - 18:00 (UK time), excluding UK public holidays.

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