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Vendor Selection

The accelerating pace of a connected, digital world has resulted in the constant evolution of user demands and buyer expectations, driving significant disruption and innovation across the technology landscape. Faced with more choice and information than ever before, knowing where to start, to find the right partners and technologies, can be a challenge.

Make powerful decisions with Omdia Vendor Selection

To help you make the best-informed technology purchase decisions, we have a dedicated portfolio of vendor selection methodologies: Omdia Universe, Omdia Market Radar and Omdia On the Radar. They give a clear view of the technology landscape with expert insights into products, services and vendors, to meet your unique business needs.

Omdia Universe

Choose a partner that meets your business needs today and tomorrow. We help you identify which vendors are leaders, challengers or prospects by assessing solution capabilities together with analysis of a vendor’s strategy, execution and market presence. Technology buyers can then make informed vendor selection decisions, by applying this analysis to their own specific business context. Get a true picture of the market with Omdia’s independent research, supported by our extensive market data and actionable insights.

For selected Universe and Market Radar reports, Omdia partners with leading peer review site TrustRadius, incorporating their feedback from real-world customers and providing valuable insights into customer experience.


Market Radar

Navigate emerging technology ahead of a fast-moving market. These reports cover emerging and transformative technologies with a focus on solution capabilities. Omdia Market Radar enables you to compare and evaluate vendors by solution, performance, maturity, breadth of proposition and more. Make better choices with our expert insights.

On the radar

Discover the latest technology disruptors. These short-form reports analyze new solutions and provide a deep dive assessment of specific vendors, to help you stay ahead. Assess the latest technology developments and vendor profiles, to find out which businesses should be on your radar.

Create business-driven IT strategies with our Enterprise Technology Advisory Service

Digital transformation and disruption continue to shape the enterprise landscape. We help organizations seize new opportunities with Omdia’s Enterprise Technology Advisory Service. Our extensive research enables clients to optimize technologies, create business-driven IT strategies and realize the benefits of their investments. Leverage invaluable data and insights, evaluate solutions and providers and create a winning roadmap for your business.

Stand out in the market

Technology buyers

If you are a technology buyer, whether enterprise, government or in the educational sector, you can access all our vendor selection reports and more by subscribing to Omdia’s Enterprise Decision Maker service. Navigate the complex ecosystem and select a technology partner that meets your unique business requirements.

Technology vendors

For vendors, if you feature in our vendor selection reports, the combination of Omdia’s independent research and expert analysis is highly sought after. We can help articulate your brand proposition and amplify your customer reach across our Informa Tech community, through our marketing services.

Connect the dots

Connect with us to learn more about our vendor selection reports, reprint and licensing opportunities