Glenn Sanders

Senior Analyst

As a Senior Analyst, Glenn Sanders synthesizes information about technologies, markets, and use cases, including services, hardware, and software.  Glenn brings more than 25 years of insight from his business and technology experience in Japan and Silicon Valley as a senior technologist and technology writer.

Glenn’s first foray into technology writing was for Fujitsu in Tokyo in 1996.  He specializes in research about robots, drones, and autonomous machines.  Prior to joining Omdia, he was a senior analyst for Greenlight Insights, where he led the creation of industry reports about virtual reality and augmented reality software, hardware, and platforms. As a senior analyst for Intellectual Ventures and for Ocean Tomo, Glenn led market analysis and technology valuation for investment funds worth over $20 million on a range of topics, including electric vehicles, semiconductors, power systems, inventory management systems, near-field communications, radio frequency ID, and web-based OS software and devices.


Delivery Robots and Drones

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Robots and Drones Enter the Coronavirus Battle

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