Jeff Lin

Senior Principal Analyst, Mobile PC

As the lead analyst for the tablet and notebook PC market at Omdia, Jeff is responsible for primary research and forecasting on mobile PCs (tablet and notebook PCs) and the emerging PC market, including gaming notebook PCs, always-connected PCs (5G notebook PCs), and wearable PCs (virtual reality/augmented reality devices).

Prior to working at Omdia, Jeff was an engineer at Chunghwa Picture Tubes, where he led TV panel development projects and promoted products. He worked at Samsung Electronics Taiwan, winning the annual best sales award while handling HP’s monitor business account, and was a procurement manager at Benq for monitor panel and TV set purchasing and panel price trend analysis. Jeff joined DisplaySearch in 2010 as a value chain analyst for the tablet, notebook PC, monitor, and public display supply chain. Jeff graduated from Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University with a degree in environmental engineering and holds an MBA from National Chengchi University in Taiwan.