Simon Dyson

Senior Principal Analyst, Music and Digital Audio

At Omdia, Simon edits the industry newsletter, Music & Copyright. He also provides a wealth of insight and information including research, data, trackers, and forecasts.

Prior to joining Omdia, Simon had a lengthy career in the music industry, after which he returned to education and then worked for a specialist music research agency for three years. His extensive music industry knowledge covers all sectors of the industry with a particular interest in recorded music and publishing, as well as royalties and music-related intellectual property issues. Simon has worked for Omdia, formerly Ovum and Informa Telecoms and Media, since 2000. His knowledge of the music industry was gained through performance, management, and record company ownership. He holds a Bachelor of Science in media studies.  


Music & Copyright November 30, 2021

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Music statistics analysis: Third roundup for November

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Major Record Company Factsheets: 3Q21

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Climate change demands major change for live and recorded-music

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