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The China region rapidly drives down average pixel pitch sizes for LED video displays

20 July, 2022 | Ken Park

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Recent technology developments of mini-LED backlight TVs and investment in micro LED TVs through competition from the TV industry is not only expanding existing LED supply chains, but also enhancing the overall LED ecosystem. These advancements have been supported and sustained by traditional LED video manufacturers, especially in China, since the LED supply chain is fully established as a global LED supply hub in terms of cost, scale, and efficiency in the past. Another noteworthy innovation of the LED industry is that pixel pitch sizes are becoming remarkably smaller and securing marketability of fine pixel pitch products in response to the TV industry’s expansion within the LED ecosystem.   

Just a few years ago, LCD videowalls were used in command-and-control room displays due to the high resolution at affordable price compared to other technologies. However, commercial-grade LCD screens still contained very narrow bezels, preventing a truly seamless videowall experience. More recently, 1.5mm pixel pitch LED videowall displays gradually started to gain attention despite very high prices, since LED screens are the only displays providing a bezel-less alternative to LCDs. Currently, 1.2mm pixel pitch LED videowall displays are becoming common in command-and-control rooms, with 0.8mm pixel pitch products also rapidly emerging.

According to Omdia’s latest release of the LED Video Displays Market Tracker, the report now includes average pixel pitch information, calculated by the weighted arithmetic mean assuming the average density of the pixels distributed on the whole LED display area. For the 1Q22 report, the average pixel pitch of LED video displays being shipped throughout the global market is expected to decline sharply from 3.1mm in 2019 to 2.1mm by 2026. Omdia’s definition of fine pixel pitch (FPP) is LED video products within the <=1.99mm pixel pitch category, with the worldwide average pixel pitch of 2.1mm in 2026 coming close this classification.

Figure 1: LED video displays average pixel pitch forecast by region

LED video displays average pixel pitch by region

The China region reports the fastest decline in average pixel pitch and leads the global trend toward smaller pixel pitch sizes. In the recently published ProAV Vertical Market Viewpoint Service, it indicates that direct-view LED (dvLED) display penetration against flat panel displays in China is the highest amongst other regions, especially in transportation, hospitality/healthcare, and control room sectors. For indoor FPP (<=1.99mm pixel pitch) videowall displays in China, LCD videowalls accounted for 68.9% share compared to LED videowalls in 2019, with Omdia predicting the share of LCD videowalls to decrease to 30% against LED videowall in 2026, referring latest article “video wall solutions: A snapshot of LCD versus LED penetration

Omdia’s new ProAV Vertical Market Viewpoint Service provides a comprehensive set of data and analysis pertaining to various vertical markets and industry trends for both flat panel displays technology and LED video displays, while the LED Video Displays Intelligence Service deep dives into the LED video displays for better decision making and business planning, and understand the LED video display markets further details with extended research and data.

Ken Park, Senior Research Manager

As part of Omdia's Components and Devices team, Ken Park heads the Professional AV Devices research team, specializing in global TV set market research with display technology expertise and various industry experiences. His Pro AV team's main research areas are digital signage, LED video displays, desktop monitor and specialty display devices. Read bio

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