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Alexander Harrowell

Principal Analyst, Advanced Computing for AI

Alexander covers the market for semiconductors as it relates to AI and machine learning. This includes GPUs, dedicated AI ASICs and ASSPs, FPGAs, and future technologies, as well as companies such as Arm, NVIDIA, Cerebras Systems, Hailo, and Ambarella. He can help you with market forecasting, technology strategy, and positioning.

Starting as a journalist at Mobile Communications International magazine, Alexander has 17 years’ experience. Since joining Omdia in 2016, Alexander has covered technologies for small and medium enterprises, with a focus on mobile and, more recently, 5G for enterprises. He developed the Omdia Enterprise 5G Innovations Tracker to monitor the emerging enterprise 5G and CBRS ecosystem. He was the second employee of start-up consulting firm STL Partners, where he worked on mobile, open source, distributed computing, and the two-sided business model.


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