Nicole McCormick

Senior Principal Analyst, Broadband & Bundling

Nicole McCormick is the practice leader of the broadband and multiplay team at Omdia, formerly Ovum. She leads a global team of analysts who cover mobile and fixed broadband operator strategies, delivering leading data, outlook, and coverage such as pricing strategies, LTE monetization strategies, telco innovations, and mobile roaming for the Asia Pacific region.  

She has more than 20 years’ experience covering the telecoms and television sectors in Asia Pacific. Nicole is a regular presenter and moderator at industry conferences in the region.


5G Consumer Pricing Video Report – 2Q21

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5G Consumer Broadband Pricing Report – 2Q21

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Broadband Pricing Interactive Tracker – 2021

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5G Consumer Broadband Pricing Tracker – 2Q21

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Global Mobile Broadband Plan Price Tracker

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