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Tim Westcott

Senior Principal Analyst, Digital Content & Channels

Tim leads Omdia’s research on TV and video programming and channel distribution. The core datasets in the Digital Content and Channels Intelligence service track investments in programming by channels and online video platforms, availability of linear channels and on-demand services, and sports and movie rights. The service also tracks the offerings of on-demand providers in the US and six key international markets.

Tim joined Omdia’s predecessor company Screen Digest in 2004, where his areas of focus included TV production, animation, sports rights, and public broadcasting. He has also edited more than 100 editions of the monthly Media and Technology Digest (formerly Screen Digest). Before that, Tim worked at the European Audiovisual Observatory in Strasbourg, France, and in a variety of journalism roles, including the Financial Times Group, EMAP (now Ascential), and Television Business International. Tim holds a Master of Arts (Hons.) degree in English literature from Trinity College, Cambridge. He holds dual UK and French nationality and is based in London.


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