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Data Center Thermal Management and Sustainability


Comprehensive analysis of sustainable data center best practices and strategy, with a focus on liquid cooling and energy storage.


Data center operators and end-users are looking for data centers with sustainability credentials. At the same time, data center thermal management is going through an important disruption cycle as liquid cooling options proliferate.

Data Center Thermal Management and Sustainability Intelligence Service’s analysis and insight enable you to master your markets:

  • Technology and adoption trends and forecasts from multiple angles, including liquid cooling, and evaporative & air-side economizers, and continued use of DX and chilled water
  • Strategies to improve data center sustainability
  • Thermal management best practices dominating
  • How energy storage enables sustainability
  • Operators adopting renewable energy and growth of the global capacity of renewable energy
Download the Data Center Thermal Management and Sustainability Infographic: Summary of Insights

“There isn’t a singular answer or a one-stop solution to data center sustainability. Instead, there is a need for an industrywide conversation on not only the use of clean energy, but also other actions that drive sustainability, like new technologies, GHG emissions, renewable energy, resource efficiency, ethical sourcing, and the circular economy. In this Service, we discuss different ways operators can be more sustainable.”

“Data center thermal management is red hot. Increasing compute requirements, fueled by digitization, continue to drive data center buildout and a move towards higher density, requiring new approaches to thermal management.”

Core Research Team

Vlad Galabov, Head of Cloud and Data Center Research Practice

Moises Levy, PhD, Senior Principal Analyst, Data Center Physical Infrastructure

Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst, IT Ecosystem & Operations          

Download the Data Center Sustainability Quick Reference Chart

The topic of sustainability is complex, with different institutions often including different problems within the sustainability umbrella. The Quick Reference Chart summarizes the elements of sustainability, the phases of data center development where sustainable practices should be actioned, and sustainability maturity levels. 

Market, Technology and Adoption Trends From Multiple Angles:
  • Track the data center thermal management market and composition by types of products and heat rejection methods
  • Understand end-user priorities and strategies
  • Assess future market development and the key trends impacting data center operators and infrastructure vendors

New Enhancements:

  • Topical reports on new technologies, such as energy storage
  • New “Trends to Watch” report
  • List of sustainable data centers
  • Data center sustainability incentives research