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Prepare to thrive in the new, distributed compute ecosystem

By 2024, the number of edge-located servers will double, unlocking new opportunities for innovation and for new market entrants. Meanwhile, cloud computing continues to soar as companies adopt a cloud-first strategy. We are here to help guide you through these developments and to position your organization for success.

Leverage Omdia's world-class Cloud and Data Center research and data services to accomplish your business objectives. 

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A $72 billion equipment opportunity awaits at the edge.

NEW REPORTNew Compute Ecosystem: From Cloud to Edge Report 2021

The move to the edge is giving rise to a new distributed computing ecosystem that spans cloud service providers, communication services providers, and enterprise on-premise locations. Top edge computing use cases—such as manufacturing process automation, immersive experiences, behavior monitoring, gaming, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles—will require computing power moved closer to the end user. Simultaneously, the use of cloud computing is booming as organizations look for more agile approaches to IT delivery of applications, workloads, and services – fostering a $400 billion off-premises cloud services market by 2024.

Preview Omdia's New Compute Ecosystem 2021 report by clicking on the eBook.

Are you ready for the new compute ecosystem?

The planet’s digitization is forging a new IT ecosystem with compute distributed from the cloud to the edge. With more than 400 analysts covering over 200 markets, Omdia is here to help you decide where to play, what to build, and how to win.

Whether you are a service provider, technology vendor, enterprise decision maker, investor, or journalist, rely on Omdia for timely, accurate market data and forecasting on data center services and construction, IT and physical equipment infrastructureas well as insights into managing the IT ecosystem and operations. We help you keep pace with this rapidly evolving ecosystem and spot emerging opportunities.

Top 5 Cloud Computing Insights in 2021

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, IT suppliers must align their product, marketing, and sales strategies with their customers’ requirements or risk losing business and, worse, market share.

Omdia’s 2021 IT Enterprise Insights Cloud Computing report, based on interviews with +6,600 senior IT executives, gives IT suppliers the insights they need to identify and capitalize on market opportunities.

The Edge: Our Top 5 Survey Results

Omdia recently surveyed 18 thought leaders actively working on edge computing in the telco, cloud service provider, open source community, and technology
vendor selector.

View or download the infographic to see what we learned. 

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Get answers for tomorrow's questions today

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Cloud & Telco Service Providers

  • How can we position and message the benefits of our services to enterprises?

  • Which technology vendors have solutions that fit my data center needs?

  • How will the shift to edge computing change the market for service providers?

  • How are data center networks evolving to meet edge computing requirements?

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Technology Vendors

  • How are enterprises, cloud, and communication (Telecom) providers deploying compute at the edge?

  • What is the adoption rate of open computing?

  • What are the disruptive technologies that will impact my markets?

  • What are the sizes, shares, forecasts, and the competitive landscape like for data center computing/networking equipment, racks, power distribution, storage, and cooling equipment and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) hardware?

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  • What is the impact of disruptive technology on IT departments: AIOps, cloud-native ecosystem, increased cloud adoption (hybrid and multi-cloud), and edge-computing requirements?

  • In what software environments are workloads being managed today and where will they be moving over the next 18 months?

  • Which companies hold the top rankings for private and public cloud management services?

Omdia Expert Analysis

"More compute power is needed at edge locations to manage and support new and proliferating latency-sensitive IoT devices and software technologies. The increasing amount of data these devices are collecting is creating a challenge for network bandwidth and an urgent need for security."

Vlad Galabov, Head of Cloud & Data Center Research Practice

“Digitization of the planet demands a new IT ecosystem with compute distributed from the cloud to the edge.”

Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst, IT Ecosystem & Operations

"As the adoption of connected cars and IoT devices ramps, and more enterprises commercialize the use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, Omdia projects servers at the edge to double by CY24."

Manoj Sukumaran, Principal Analyst, Data center IT

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