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Camille Mendler

Chief Analyst, Service Provider Enterprise

Camille Mendler has more than 25 years' multi-disciplinary experience in the digital economy and a global remit to anticipate key shifts in B2B demand patterns with a current focus on how 5G is disrupting enterprise ecosystems.

Her consultancy projects solve go-to-market challenges: identifying buyer segments, creating effective value propositions, and determining sales channel mix. Areas of expertise include managed and professional services, cloud and SaaS, and private networks.

During her tenure at Omdia, Camille has launched SoHo and SME and Enterprise Verticals intelligence services. She serves as a judge for the GSMA’s GLOMO Awards and TM Forum’s Excellence Awards.

Camille has advised organizations including the International Telecommunications Union, Open Society Foundations and World Bank. She has also worked as a telecom contract negotiator, expert witness in dark fiber matters, and technology journalist.

Camille won a research fellowship in Russian Area Studies from Georgetown University and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and Russian from Northwestern University.


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