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Omdia Universe – Selecting an AIOps Solution 2021-22

The Technology

AIOps is an evolving market from many different IT operational management domains. This evolution witnessed the vendors develop initial solutions based on their own domain-specific perceptions of business requirements. However, as the market matured, the domain expertise and perception of requirements changed, and the leading AIOps vendors have all demonstrated a clear understanding of what an AIOps solution must offer to customers.

Omdia’s new “Selecting an AIOps Solution 2021-22” Universe report is a vendor comparison survey. This will help business managers select the AIOps solution that provides the capabilities they require and helps them achieve digital transformation. 

The Market

AIOps is a relatively new market that has evolved from a number of different operational management and automation technologies. AIOps is also a response from these domain expert systems to the rise in cloud-native applications and the use of cloud computing that has added a layer of complexity to the role of IT operations. The three key management technologies the market has evolved from are IT operational analytics (ITOA), IT operational management (ITOM), and IT service management (ITSM), all underpinned by an automation and workflow capability.

What’s Changing? Why Now?

The introduction of the latest technology can be seen as a way for organizations to accelerate growth, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. But to manage these new technologies has become increasingly complex.

Report – Key Findings
  • The leaders all recorded a solution breadth score of over 90%, which means that out of the 119 capabilities measured, fewer than 12 were delivered with a minimum capability or not at all.
  • Main expertise, while the prospects are more domain experts and lack the breadth.
  • The highest scoring category across all vendors was performance monitoring with an average of 64%.
  • The lowest scoring category across all vendors was security operations with an average score of 42%.

View an executive summary of the report.

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